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Called it...
My mind wanders here
So last week I blogged about how anxious I was, even if I couldn't put my finger on why. I even listed some possible causes of why it might be happening.

And I was right.

In this case, I hate being right.

The day I posted that was pretty much the last day my Mom even attempted to go back to her job. It's been too slow and she had nothing to do there. She's put in some applications and is considering Unemployment.

That night I got to stay at my sister's house with Mom because my sister was having contractions. She was gone 10:30 to 2:30 so I ended up with like two hours of sleep when it turned out she was okay. Except her doctor is a moron, she has a bladder infection, her cervix is "mushy" and has a "slight opening", she's has two other kids and KNOWS what contractions feel like, etc. Other than that she's super.

I found out yesterday that my aunt has a mass that is trying to attach to her "guts" and she's getting checked out early next week. She found out about it because part of it *audibly* snapped and started hurting last week. Her doctors can't even tell where it is inside of her body exactly.

I'm still not sleeping right, wonder why, and both nephews are sickly now. The little one is recovering, but the big one had to go to the doctor yesterday.  His doctor decided it was the best possible time to give him a flu vaccine (the inhale kind), while his immune system is already borked. I expect he'll be well some time in February.

I was much happier when everything was boring and I could sleep.

(Also government shutdown?!? What the hell is this?)


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