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What I've been up to lo these many months
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Quick update, just to clear my head of things:

  • My aunt is doing okay. She had the mass removed in early November, was supposed to be laparoscopic but had to go to incision (6-8 inches). The mass itself was the size of a softball. She was stuck in the hospital a week because she kept being unwell and her heart acted up. My mother stayed with her so that her kids wouldn't have to see their mother like that. They put her on some new meds, have had her on a heart monitor thingie, and she's had two of the four chemo treatments she's having as a precaution. She shaved her head since it was falling out, but otherwise she seems to be fine, if tired of doctors (even though hers have all been good). 

  • None of Mom's applications paid off, but she is getting to work a little at her job, enough that we're okay. It was lucky she could take off to be with my aunt.

  • My sister had her last baby on November 23, a little girl. I call her Monkeyshines mostly. She's tiny and taking care of her and the wee nephew at the same time is interesting.

  • Thanksgiving was pretty good, at first. I got to see a cousin that hasn't made it out in a few years (he's had troubles and I wish him the very best and I hope very sincerely that he's not staying in his car right now). Then my uncle showed up. He is the 3rd child, 1st boy, and the one who was hospitalized at least twice because of pneumonia/heart issues. They even put a pacemaker in, though it's only partial active (??? I was very confused) because they got his meds to work. Well I saw him late this summer and he'd lost at least 30 pounds and he said he thought it was his medication. He'd lost maybe another 20 at Thanksgiving. He was gray, tired, and had a whole list of horrible symptoms (most of the side effect list for the meds and ALL of the overdose ones). My grandmother and mother went to a place Mam-Maw used to work to get him an oxygen tank. He has since gotten onto different meds.

  • Christmas was very good. We all had a nice time, here and at my grandmother's. No one cried or fought this year. My nephew and I walked up the road to the cemetery near my grandmother's so he could take pictures. My uncle was still then and weak, but not as bad or gray. We got to see Mom's bff and visit her apartment, which was sort of an honor because she doesn't normally let anyone out of her immediate family and Mom in.

  • Work: I take care of my sister's kids for far less than minimum wage and she doesn't get maternity leave. She has managed to get some time off, but she does their payroll so she has to go in each week. I worked Fridays in December (Mom had time to help me) except the one immediately after Christmas. January I'm on Tues/Thurs schedule, plus whatever other days my sister decides she "needs" me. February I'll be doing MWF and then full time in March.

  • Writing has been a little weird. I gave up on my NaNo with all the many goings-on messing me up and I've only just gotten back to trying to daily write. I really would like to publish something and finish PiaP this year.

  • I turned 28 a month ago. This is not how I expected my life to be at this age, but I'm okay.

  • At some point I want to post the reading "log" I've been keeping since mid-2013.

  • Misc: I poke at Tumblr some now. Hobbit fandom with lady!Bilbo is my favorite. ao3 is addictive. I hate being cold.


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